Cre8ive Genius Defined:

Adj. Individual who adds value to others by building a business, product, or service through their unique strengths and abilities. With accountability and commitment to mastering their creative niche, new innovative ideas become more abundant, and the creative capacity of the individual is categorized by others as 'pure genius'. 

Thus the Creative Genius is born. 


Cre8ive Genius Meeting

A stimulating creative mind dump to stir up and generate new ideas, bring clarity and direction to existing ideas, and create a concrete plan of action for how to turn your ideas into a reality. Leave with a detailed written "Success Image" as a personal road map, a 1year, 3year and 5year goal chart, and practical action steps for the next 7 months.

Cre8ive Think Tank

Host environment for unique thinkers to voice their perspective on a topic, Cre8ive discussions build up mastermind group, Synergy breeds brighter ideas, uncovers resources, and strengthens connections and support for everyone involved. Especially the Host


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